Video Wall

With Sony Ziris Canvas Wall solution

Sony is breaking down the traditional video wall and building a new era of digital signage with limitless creative possibilities. It lets designers transform standard uniform screen layouts into artistic and eye-catching creations that really drive customer interest.

Use a mix of different screen sizes. Hang them in portrait, landscape or arbitrary angled rotations.

Arrange them in creative or random layout patterns - including 3D. Add as many screens as you want, there's no limit. All of this will help differentiate your communications and reach a far wider audience.

Driven by a customised PlayStation3 CELL processor, Ziris Canvas has immense computing power. It can handle unlimited picture resolution on multiple Full HD screens, and synchronise video and audio across all screens for stunning impact.

Ziris Canvas is currently being used as a central focal point of many schools, joining the school community together showcasing the schools successes and the schools strengths and values.

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