Proximity marketing is fast emerging as
a new staple

in smart media buyers marketing strategies. The fact that an individual is within "striking" distance can be very a powerful fact when trying to generate footfall or change a perception or shopping habit of that individual. With most people now leaving their mobile phones Bluetooth on mainly due to the fact that most now use hands-free in their cars an opportunity exists to reach consumers in a very personal way.

Bluetooth Multimedia Solutions specialises in making the most from this technology with solutions that a small retail outlet can use, through to a bespoke network solution to use at a football stadium or shopping centre. The combination of our reliable hardware and truly innovative software allow us to provide a solution that will help you make the most out of the footfall you have around your business.

Permission based content is completely FREE to send and receive messages proximity marketing will provide you with a cost effective and measurable solution to fit in with your needs.

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