Whether it's a single server or a network

bluetooth relies on enough connections to service a given area. In any system each device will have connections scanning for phones whilst others send out and receive messages. Our stackable options mean that we can ensure your system has enough connections to get the job done.

Our bluetooth servers offer 6 dongle ports that in turn will have 7 simultaneous connections meaning every server will have 42 simultaneous bluetooth connections.

We can add to this using extra hubs but a lot will depend on your needs and we would be happy to advise on what the best solution for your business is.

As bluetooth messages are permission based the system will allow you to interact with potential customers who are interested in your offer and providing the offer is a good one we have seen fantastic results for small, medium and large businesses.

A trial at Cardiff City saw up to 50% of the fans interacting via Bluetooth and for this reason the trial has recently become a permanent fixture at their new state of the art stadium which now boasts the largest bluetooth network in the world.

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