A fantastic range of blu products available now


Umbrella brand for everything we do. This includes all the range of dongles from 10 metres to 1km industrial aerials. Our comprehensive product range provides everything from a hand held portable solution to full scale network solutions that can cover entire cities.


We have our own operating system (OS) and software that we constant update and develop .We also build bespoke applications for iPhone, android and smart phones. As a sun java certified company, member of SIG and also blackberry certified we can provide safe software for your company across all mobile technology.


Tracking software that allows large scale operations to look at footfall patterns and provide them with tactical information to exploit every opportunity.

Bluetooth servers that are networked follow Bluetooth enabled phones to provide a map of the individuals route and the time spent in each area.


Is an innovative system that combines a simple application with a visual stimulus that can be put on any type of sales or advertising literature. blu:CODE is instantly translated by your phone into information like movie files, adverts, vouchers or sound files.

This offline coding system can be used in a variety of ways to deliver content direct to your customers, generating business and interest around your brand.


Entry level product that provides a simple and adequate product for low footfall areas. Very cost effective entry level product that offers anyone a proximity marketing solution.

Simple plug in and play system that provides instant and measurable results to any business. These units have 21 simultaneous connections and can be modified and put into back packs for events etc.


Much more powerful severs that can be networked for large scale projects like our Cardiff City Stadium network that is currently the largest Bluetooth network in the world.

These fast efficient servers are better equipped to manage higher footfall areas delivering more messages faster than the entry level products. Using 6 USB ports (normally 3) it provides 42 simultaneous connections but with extra hubs this can be extended further.

With remote access we can manage and support from our control centre delivering a fast service to respond to any businesses requirements.

This product can be hard wired into cars (vans, trains, aeroplanes or anything else that moves) or plugged into the cigarette lighter for a more temporary fit.


The master server and the one that controls and synchronises the blu:PRO servers in any network. Powerful and fast allowing large scale networks to process lots of information quickly. These servers work to process all the information sent back from the blu:PRO products to provide reliable and efficient networked solutions.


A 3 inch touch screen SIM free Smart Phone/PDA. Fully installed with Windows CE 6.5, Wi-Fi and our own blu:SOFTWARE. This device not only acts as a Mobile Phone/PDA but also allows you to use it as a proximity marketing tool to deliver sales messages whilst you are out and about.


A touch screen solution that includes our 7" and 10" touch screen server. This unit can be wall mounted, attached to stands, put into point of sale material or carried.

Great for data capture as well as being Bluetooth enabled this unit provides both proximity marketing and reference point opportunities.

These products can use windows at the same time so you can have anything from a corporate DVD playing at a show to your website showing so that people can interact and access it whilst you are speaking to other customers.


Static points (like the ones you see with maps on in city centre locations). These can have posters, touch screens or vandal proof screens in them. They are fully Bluetooth enabled to provide 3D advertising opportunities.

Great reference points with the added benefit of pushing content onto peoples mobiles these products can be strategically placed to provide a network or stand alone solution.


A very cool touch screen product that can be branded to spec. These touch screen pods are similar to a train station ticket station but much, much cooler. Great for data capture and interaction points these are the super sized versions of our hand held products.

They can be custom made to have a printer built in which can be used to deliver purchased products like photographs or tickets or provide an interface to buy branded or bespoke merchandise e.g. mugs and mouse mats etc.


Security video solutions that can provide anything from security cameras to camera applications that download onto your phone giving you access to control anything with a switch.

Imagine someone breaking into your house when you are in Spain. Your phone goes off and you can from your phone switch on lights, turn on a TV or trigger a voice message to tell the burglar that the police are on the way and that you can currently see them!

For business these systems can provide a twist on conventional CCTV.

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