An exciting and innovative system

that adds the flexibility and modern approach of mobile communications to traditional marketing methods such as display advertising.

The user downloads a simple Java application onto their mobile phone. This is a once only process that takes a matter of seconds and can be done either at the location where the blu:CODE marketing material appears or by logging onto a web site.

With the software downloaded the user who sees blu:CODE advertising and wants more information simply takes a picture with their camera phone of a bar code contained within the advertising material.

The application on the phone translates the bar code into information such as contact details for the company advertising, a URL link to a web site, a booking form or a promotional ring tone.

In a world first, Bluetooth Multimedia Solutions have also developed the technology to download video clips onto the receiving phone, thereby massively expanding the potential uses for the blu:CODE system.

An early application of this is to promote movies. Users, seeing a poster for a film they are interested in, take a photo of a barcode displayed on the poster to receive a video trailer of the film onto their phone.

Bearing witness to the philosophy underpinning Bluetooth Multimedia Solutions this is the world's first off-line coding system requiring no access to the internet. The applications for it are limited only by our imagination.

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