Large, medium and small scale projects

Large Scale

Fully networked solutions for large venues and stadiums. Large enough to cope with demand and bespoke content and applications will provide both enhanced customer experience and a way of generating additional income.

Bluetooth Multimedia Solutions run the worlds largest Bluetooth network and can provide a full service solution that can include touch screen, large networked HD TV's and fully integrated systems that will allow screen, Bluetooth and epos till based solutions that can provide significant revenue generating opportunities for large scale operations.

Medium Scale

Networked solutions allow servers to speak to each other and allow our systems to reach and interact with high footfall areas and bigger department stores, shopping centre's and Universities etc.

Different messages in different dwelling areas can provide customers with relevant offers to their shopping needs and provide a way of interacting with consumers. Bespoke applications can be created to further enhance the shopping experience and provide you with a new and exciting way of reaching out to customers.

Constantly talking to each other the servers will pick up on an individual's phone and then can either exclude them from further messages or interact more with them.

Small Scale

A simple solution that will provide your business with 24/7 marketing. Push sales or sell your service by delivering your messages to people that are within shopping distance.

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