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Cardiff City Football Club


Maximising opportunities at Cardiff City Football Club.

“Maximising match day opportunities shows Cardiff City's Premier League potential.”

Cardiff City Football Club completed their new £42.5m home in June 2009 and the team from the Welsh capital have certainly built a stage worthy of the Premier League.

The state of the art stadium boasts groundbreaking technology as the forward thinking club looks at ways to increase their revenue and the important match day experience for customers.

Cardiff City Stadium employed the services of Building Management Solutions to become official consultancy partners in the I.T. infrastructure and audio-visual areas of the project build. BMS worked with the club and the relevant building contractors to implement the backbone of future proof technology.

As a result Cardiff City Stadium today boasts some impressive stats:

  • Fully integrated access control
  • 1080i HD IPTV solution
  • Bluetooth Communications Network Platform
  • 10GB fibre backbone
  • EPOS solution for all retail units
  • Media suite
  • Telephony system
  • Computer networks

BMS Managing Director Alex James explains how the process started: "In any project it's important to understand the client's needs, aspirations and of course budget.

There's no point sitting around the room planning requirements that the client cannot afford. At BMS we see the client as a partner and any relationship is built on trust. We want to work with our partners to deliver the right solution at a very cost effective price.

"This is where we see BMS being the market leader in this field. Too many companies don't have the clients interest at heart and only see them as a money making project. We want to develop the partnership, exceed expectations and then work with the client going forward in creating the core range of products, thereby increasing turnover and the match day experience.”

Cardiff City Stadium was the first Football Stadium in the UK to broadcast its game in 1080iHD - a feat the club are very proud of and have the worlds largest Bluetooth communication platform. Stadium General Manger David Spencer spoke of the relationship that has been built between the both organisations.

"It was very refreshing to work with a company like BMS. It felt right from the start based on the fact that they listened to what we needed rather than just trying to sell us the biggest package. We worked very closely with them and took best advice as to what we needed to implement to provide a turnkey, state of the art technology solution. As the client, the partner-ship always filled us with confidence that we would have the right products delivered on time and to the price we had all agreed on."

Supporters are truly benefiting from the infrastructure in place, with the ease of purchase and entry coupled with the ability to watch key content and interact when they arrive at the stadium.

David Spencer enthused on the increase of the project spend per head at the new stadium: "When you sit down and forecast where you think you will be with average spend per head and then see the impact the IPTV solution couple with the Bluetooth interactive platform has had, it's all very pleasing.

As a club we actively promote that supporters come early to watch the televised game of the day and to make the day an event. The response from the sup-porters has been superb, with increased perceived numbers coming earlier to games, while the dwell times in bars and corporate areas being a lot higher than we would have expected.

"The content that is shown on the screens is very entertaining, informative and is a platform that sup-porters have bought into. Bars are certainly busier earlier and supporters are generally not in a rush to go home obviously as long as we haven't been on the wrong end of a result." Cardiff City Stadium is certainly the envy of media savvy professionals and is delivering bespoke, media rich content to all supporters to make them feel at the centre of the event.

Alex James believes that there is a lot more to offer: "The IVenue suite and Bluetooth range of products that we have and can be implemented in one hit, or by the method that Cardiff City have chosen, which is to introduce systems on a phased structure. For example, we have just completed the installation of our range of Bluetooth products that will enhance the supporters experience even further.

"The key benefit to working with BMS is our broad range of stadia knowledge, coupled with market leading technology that married up with the clients' wants, needs and very importantly budget."

David Spencer concurred with those comments and spoke of the excellent delivery of the stadium technology.

"Cardiff City Football Club would like to put on record the immense satisfaction we have in continuing to work with such a forward thinking company like BMS. I would urge any stadia who are looking to implement any technology into their venue to work with them as they deliver on all fronts.

"It's great to work with one supplier that you always have confidence in their ability to adapt to the ever changing canvas that is new-build, seamlessly making the necessary changes without fuss or adding time to the deadline and expenses.

"We are looking forward to progressing the relation-ship and the technology infrastructure that we have at the new stadium. We have every confidence in the partnership going forward."

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