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Cardiff Devils


Supply, install and control a fully networked ice arena.


Supply, install and control a fully networked Ice arena. To deliver a mass communication network that is both versatile and future proof, promoting and encouraging interaction amongst fans.

The Bluetooth network was designed to allow different content to be sent from all parts of the arena. All content can be changed instantly from one location.

Content could be sent to fans or they could request information on Scores, Fixture lists, League Tables, Player Profiles, Manager video interviews, Vote on Man of the Match and the ability for fans to take pictures during the game and send them to the network enabling us to instantly put some up on the digital screens around the rink.


21 bluetooth servers were installed at various locations around the arena and were networked together allowing full remote access and control.

Date Installed

January 2008.


The service in its first season saw 27,094 invitations for information of which we had 16,045 people interact. The service was also used every week for the fans to vote for their man of the match.

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