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CCTV Upgrade Millennium Stadium 2009.

“It's helping us to give our visitors a safe and comfortable experience.”

With Cardiff's prestigious Millennium Stadium, Wales's premier venue for sporting and entertainment events, coming up to its 10th birthday, the stadium's managers decided that it was time to upgrade the site's CCTV installation and take advantage of the many technology advances that have been made since the stadium originally opened.

Working with expert independent CCTV installer, Building Management Solutions of Caerphilly, the stadium management looked carefully at a range of possible upgrade options before deciding that a solution based on equipment from Siemens Building Technologies would best meet their needs.

"The decision was, in part, based on previous experiences with Siemens CCTV equipment," said Alex James, Managing Director of BMS, "Siemens have shown to combine excellent performance with reliability and value for money. Another important factor was the wide range of equipment offered by Siemens, which includes, for example, versatile day/night dome cameras and high capacity DVRs that deliver excellent picture quality."

The Millennium Stadium original CCTV installation used PTZ cameras throughout. As part of the upgrade, BMS are replacing these on a phased basis with the latest Siemens Solaris dome cameras, which are far less obtrusive and require virtually no maintenance as they are completely sealed. Dome cameras with either 18x or 26x zoom capabilities are being fitted, depending on the application.

As part of the upgrade project, BMS has completely refurbished the site's two CCTV control rooms. New video matrices from the Siemens Visilynx range have been installed to give a total capacity of 115 camera channels. Since only 70 of these are currently in use, this gives wide scope for future additions to the installation.

The VHS video recorders previously in use have been replaced by five modern Siemens DVRs that between them provide a total storage capacity of 7.5 terabytes.

The key aim of the CCTV installation upgrade at the Millennium Stadium is help ensure the safety of the public, "Our new CCTV system is an important ingredient in our ongoing quest to ensure that the Millennium Stadium retains its prized position as one of the UK's most popular and prestigious sporting and entertainment venues," said Gerry Toms, Stadium Manager of the Millennium Stadium. "It's helping us to give our visitors a safe and comfortable experience and, with the newly introduced 24/7 recording, it's also helping us to keep the site secure and to protect it against theft and vandalism."

"The system is an important asset and the upgrade, which has been carried out by BMS with a minimum of disruption is proving to be not only well worthwhile, but also to be excellent value for money."

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