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St Wilfred's Catholic School


St Wilfred's Catholic School, Classroom Capture Installation

“Using technology to enhance learning.”

The St Wilfred's Catholic School in Crawley already had Sony's Digital Signage Platform and Nine Screen Canvas Wall installed during the new build but were keen to add additional Sony Educational equipment to enhance pupils learning.

They chose to use the Opsigate content management server and software platform to manage their video and audio content from various sources but in particular from the classroom capture systems.

The Sony Abacus Classroom Capture System uses three High Definition Camera's with each having a directional gun microphone connected to the video and audio switcher. The teacher uses a Sony tablet to control the cameras, this allows them to select the camera and microphone and direct the camera towards the group they are talking too. The system can be automatically setup to allow the teacher at the press of a button to activate a preset position, making it simply to use for the operator. The images are stored on the local computer and then uploaded to the Opsigate Server, this recorded footage can be watched locally and output to a screen or projector, also it can be made available to pupils online through the schools web portal.

Jonathan Morris Head Teacher said "I am only interested in technology if it's going to enhance learning, and we are already seeing this with the systems we are using. Being able to play back excellent lessons adds value to the great work my teachers are doing, and giving students access to all this potential within the school environment is paying dividends in increased attendance and raised self esteem."

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