Traffic Barriers

The range of Traffic Barriers

are made from high quality tubular steel cross section with a specially designed pole arm adapter, which in the event of the barrier arm colliding with an immovable object the pole will snap under certain pressure. This is a safety feature of the barrier and it protects the drive motor from driving against the immovable object, to repair the barrier the cast pole arm adapter is either repaired or replaced at minimal expense.

These range of barriers come in manual form and fully automatic, sizes start with a 3metre up to 9metre and combining any of the sizes back to back you can achieve a maximum road width of 18 metres. The main use for these types of reliable barrier are in retail, public and private sector car parks.

The Automatic Barriers can be controlled from a range of Access Control Products, Door Entry Systems, Radio Devices or Hard Wired Buttons locally, these options combined with the egress and safety features, which may be in the form of an induction loop or photo electric cell make these barriers work safely and efficiently.

The manual barriers and height restrictors are particularly useful on large sites where you may want restrict the height of vehicles coming into site or close the road for a long period of time, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install and come with lockable posts so they can be locked open or closed.

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