Data Cabling

In today's modern world

Twisted Pair and Cat5 Technology is still the main infrastructure of large telephone and ethernet switches. It is relatively easy to install with no expensive specialist tools required to terminate either end of the loop. Large office blocks and councils are now upgrading from Cat5 and are installing above Cat6 cabling to get more information down their networks.

As more and more of this type of cabling is installed different types of equipment are being developed to utilize the extra capacity in the cable. Recently Video signals over IP, this is an ideal example saving time and money on installing miles and miles of coaxial cable for video signals. New technology allows the camera to be plugged into the customers network and programmed with an IP Address and an Address where the signal can be received, allowing the recording equipment to be located in a centre position(There must be enough Bandwidth on the Network).

Building Management Solutions have the knowledge and experience to install any type of structured cabling for your business, we provide a design, scope of works and a full set of schematic drawings for the installation. Applications for this Cable Technology:

  • Computer/Telephone Switches
  • Types of Data Transmission RS232, RS485, RS422, 20Ma Loop, Audio
  • Large Scale Alarm Systems
  • Large Scale Access Control Systems
  • Public Address Systems
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