Fibre Optic Cabling

In the modern world of today where technology

continues to change Fibre Optic Transmission is starting to become easier for small and large businesses to access. Until recently only the major players in the telecommunications market had access to this technology Initial cabling and equipment costs are more expensive in the short term but from a long term maintenance view the savings are potentially unbelievable. When you have the Fibre Technology installed you own it as soon as the installation is commissioned and your account settled, no rental costs compared with the large telecommunication companies.

Older structured cabling will last for a substantial amount of time indoors but when exposed to the elements it has a shorter life span. The potential risks from storm damage and the need for expensive lightening protection to protect your equipment from spikes inflate the costs.

There is no need to be concerned with negatives because with Fibre Optics there are only positives in the long term, coupled with larger amounts of sharper quicker data you are able to transfer, it is the only answer if you are seriously looking for improved performance and reliability.

Large retail centres and councils are now upgrading their duct routes around their various sites to install their own Fibre Optic cables, so they can transmit larger quantities of information around their networks. As more and more of this type of cabling is installed the price structure will fall along with the price of the specialist equipment needed to splice and terminate the Fibre.

Building Management Solutions Ltd have the knowledge and experience to install any type of Fibre Optic cabling for your business, we provide a design, scope of works and a full set of schematic drawings for the installation. There is no need to go to another multi national telecommunications company for data transmission.

Applications for Fibre Optic Technology:

  • Vision and Control of Large Scale CCTV Systems
  • Computer/Telephone Switches
  • Types of Data Transmission RS232, RS485, RS422, 20Ma Loop, Audio
  • Large Scale Alarm Systems
  • Large Scale Access Control Systems
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